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Original Dermapen Needles (Box of 30)

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Our new Dermapen Needles feature the patented SurSpace® Technology as a result they offer many improvements over the previous tips. In addition to the newly designed scalloped edge which was designed to eliminate suction, the Dermapen Needles also contain two opposing vent holes which aid to eliminate backflow. For more information, read the longer description below.

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Dermapen Needles (Original)

Microneedlingsupplies.com is honored to be a Dermapen Distributor and Partner. Try the New Dermapen Needles and see for yourself why Dermapen has the #1 rated micro-needling devices in existence today.

Dermapen has long been known as the industry leader in micro needling. As a result, Dermapen felt it was their duty to go above and beyond and design a tip that eliminates back-flow and suction. As a result, the ventilation ports, and the new fluted design, dramatically decrease the potential for cross-contamination. Also, SurSpace® Technology ensures 12 perfectly spaced micro-needles within each tip. Consequently, the New Dermapen Needles offer technicians world-wide the peace of mind they deserve.

Quantity: Each Box contains 30 Disposable Dermapen cartridges.

New design is 99.9% effective in eliminating the possibility of cross-contamination.

All Dermapen cartridges are individually wrapped and sterile. Consequently, please discard used cartridges in a biohazard waste sharps container.

Compatible with the Original Dermapen and the Dermapen 2 devices.

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