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Unlike our competitors, we do not sell the old Dermapen Needles. Most of our micro-needling clients have already stopped using the old needles. For images of the old needles versus the new needles, see the product images below. We try to sell the best products available.

These Dermapen Needles have been built using the following upgraded technology and specs:

1 – The patented SurSpace® Technology offers a more uniform result. It decreases the overall risk for the client and the practitioner.

2 – The Beveled Edge reduces suction and friction during the Dermapen treatment.

3 – The Anti-Backflow Design decreases the possibility of cross-contamination.

4 – The Ventilation Ports help eliminate suction. The older tips lack proper ventilation. Suction is one of the main sources of cross contamination.

5 – Upgraded Springs means less defective tips. You will also decrease to your overall expenses. This means more revenue and profit for you!